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Trusted Sitecore CMS Development Agency

Murmu Software Infotech is Sitecore CMS Development and Support services agency, specializes in providing Sitecore CMS development and support services to businesses or enterprises looking to build robust and scalable digital experiences.

With our expertise in Sitecore CMS XM, Sitecore CMS XP, Sitecore XM Cloud, a Sitecore Headless CMS, a leading content management system (CMS), we help organizations leverage its powerful features to create, manage, and deliver personalized and engaging content across various digital channels.

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Sitecore XM Cloud is a scalable, content management system for personalized digital experiences, complemented by Sitecore JSS Development. Together, facilitate dynamic web applications using modern JavaScript frameworks

Sitecore CMS Development & Support

Sitecore CMS Development creating and customizing digital experiences using the Sitecore platform. It involves designing interfaces, implementing content strategies, and optimizing for various digital channels.

Sitecore SXA Development & Support

Sitecore SXA Development is about quickly building and customizing websites using the Sitecore Experience Accelerator framework. Support includes maintenance and updates to ensure optimal performance and enhancements.

Sitecore CMS Development & Support Service Pricing

Sitecore XM Cloud

Partner with Murmu Software Infotech for professional Sitecore XM Cloud services and SXA headless implementations that enable you to deliver personalized and engaging digital experiences. We combine technical expertise with a deep understanding of Sitecore XM Cloud to provide tailored solutions that meet your specific business requirements. Contact us today to discuss your Sitecore XM Cloud needs and unlock the full potential of this powerful cloud-based platform.

Our Sitecore XM Cloud services include:

  1. Implementation and Migration
  2. Content Management and Personalization
  3. Multi-Channel Delivery
  4. Analytics and Insights
  5. Performance Optimization and Scalability
  6. Continuous Support and Maintenance

Contact us today to discuss your Sitecore XM Cloud needs and unlock the full potential of this powerful cloud-based platform.

Sitecore Upgrade And Maintenance Support

Sitecore Experience Accelerator (SXA)

Sitecore SXA Website Development Services

Murmu Software Infotech, we specialize in Sitecore SXA (Sitecore Experience Accelerator) website development services.

Contact us today to discuss your Sitecore SXA website project and unlock the full potential of this powerful framework.

Hire Sitecore JSS And XM Cloud Remote Developer

Sitecore CMS Support and Maintenance

Ongoing Support and Maintenance of Your Sitecore platform

The Perfect Agency for Ongoing Support and Maintenance of Your Sitecore Website

Contact us today to discuss your Sitecore CMS website project and unlock long-term success of your website.

Sitecore Development Services

Sitecore Custom Development

Sitecore Website Development

Sitecore CMS Training

Sitecore Ongoing Support and Maintenance

Sitecore Performance Optimization

Sitecore Personalization and Customer Experience

Sitecore Integration Services

Sitecore Content Management

Sitecore CMS Developer Online Training & Certification Program


Sitecore Implementations…

Sitecore CMS Helix Based Website Development

Sitecore SXA Website Development

Sitecore CMS Custom Development

Sitecore CMS Training

Sitecore SXA Headless Development

Sitecore XM Cloud

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