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Sitecore CMS Crash Course

Sitecore 10.3 .NET MVC Crash Course​

  • Introduction to Sitecore: Understanding the Sitecore platform, its architecture, and core concepts.
  • Content Authoring: Learning how to create, edit, and manage content within Sitecore.
  • Sitecore Experience Editor: Exploring the WYSIWYG editor for in-context content editing.
  • Multilingual and Multisite Management: Handling multiple languages and websites within Sitecore.
  • Sitecore Security: Configuring user roles and permissions for a secure CMS environment.

Sitecore 10.3 SXA Crush Course

  • Introduction to Sitecore SXA: Understanding the key features and benefits of Sitecore SXA.
  • SXA Site Setup: Creating and configuring SXA websites and templates.
  • Page and Component Design: Designing web pages and custom components with SXA.
  • SXA Toolbox: Utilizing the SXA toolbox for quick component selection and placement.
  • Content Presentation: Optimizing content presentation and layout using SXA features.
  • Themes and Styling: Customizing website themes and styles in Sitecore SXA.
  • SXA Best Practices: Learning best practices for efficient SXA development.

Sitecore JSS & XM Cloud Crash Course​

  • Introduction to Sitecore JSS: Understanding the architecture and benefits of Sitecore JSS.
  • Setting up a JSS Project: Configuring a development environment for JSS.
  • Component Development: Building dynamic components using JavaScript frameworks.
  • Routing and Navigation: Implementing routing and navigation within JSS applications.
  • Deployment and Scaling: Deploying JSS apps and scaling them for production

Who Should Take This Course?

  • Developers: Gain the skills to build and customise websites using Sitecore CMS.
  • Marketers: Learn how to create personalised marketing campaigns and optimise digital experiences.
  • Content Managers: Master content creation and management within Sitecore.

Sitecore CMS Online Crash Course

Sitecore CMS Developer Training Program

Enroll Course Limited offer
Day: Every saturday
Duration:  1-2 hr / day
Cost: INR 4999 / 9 days

Sitecore SXA Developer Training Program Training

Enroll Course Limited offer
Day: Every saturday
Duration:  1-2 hr / day
Cost: INR 2999 / 4 days

Sitecore JSS & XM CLoud Training Program

Enroll Course Limited offer
Day: Every saturday
Duration:  1-2 hr  / day
Cost: INR 7999 / 14 days

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