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What is content editor in Sitecore CMS?

The Content Editor in Sitecore is a powerful tool that allows users to manage and edit the content on their website. It provides a tree-like structure to organize content, and a form-based interface to edit the fields of each item.

Let’s consider a hypothetical example where you have an “Articles” section on your website. For every article, you want to store a title, author, publish date, and the article content.

  1. Setting up Templates: You would start by setting up a template for an “Article”. This template would define the fields each article needs: Title (Single-Line Text), Author (Single-Line Text), Publish Date (Date), and Content (Rich Text).
  2. Creating Content Items: After setting up the template, you can create new “Article” items using the Content Editor. To create an item, you select the parent item in the content tree, and choose the “Article” template. This creates a new item with fields for Title, Author, Publish Date, and Content.
  3. Editing Content Items: To edit an item, you simply click on it in the content tree and fill in the fields in the content editor pane. For example, you might enter “The Future of AI” for the title, “John Doe” for the author, today’s date for the publish date, and your article text for the content.

The Sitecore Content Editor also provides features for:

  1. Publishing Content: Once you’ve edited an item, you can use the Publish button to make the changes live on your website.
  2. Versioning: Sitecore keeps versions of each item, so you can go back and see what changes have been made or even revert to a previous version.
  3. Workflow: You can configure workflows in Sitecore that dictate the lifecycle of an item. For example, an article might go from “Draft” to “Awaiting Approval” to “Published”.
  4. Multilingual Support: Sitecore allows you to manage content in multiple languages. Each item can have versions for different languages.

This is just a basic overview. The Content Editor is a very flexible tool and can be configured to suit the needs of almost any project.

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