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What is presentations details in Sitecore?

Presentation details in Sitecore define how and where content will be displayed on a webpage. They associate renderings with placeholders and specify the datasource for each rendering.

When you create an item in Sitecore, you can specify presentation details to determine how that item will be displayed. These details include:

1.  Layout :

This is the main structure of your webpage, and it contains placeholders where renderings can be inserted.

2.  Renderings/Sub-layouts :

These are components that generate HTML to display content or functionality. You can add renderings to the placeholders defined in your layout.

3.  Placeholder Settings :

This allows you to control which renderings can be inserted into a placeholder.

4.  Data-sources :

When you add a rendering to a placeholder, you can specify a datasource for the rendering. This is the item that the rendering will use to get its content.

You can manage presentation details for an item by selecting the item in the Content Editor and then clicking on the “Presentation” tab, and then “Details”. This will open a dialog where you can edit the layout and add or remove renderings.

You can also specify standard values for a template, which are default presentation details that will be applied to any item created from that template. This allows you to set up a consistent look and feel for all items of a certain type.

In addition, Sitecore supports dynamic bindings which can alter the presentation details based on the context, like the current device, query string parameters, etc.

In essence, presentation details allow you to control the look and feel of your Sitecore website on a page-by-page basis, while maintaining a consistent structure and style across your site.

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