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What is rendering host in Sitecore JSS?

A Rendering Host in Sitecore JavaScript Services (JSS) is a server-side component responsible for rendering a JSS application.

When a client makes a request, the Rendering Host requests layout data for the current URL from Sitecore’s Layout Service. It then renders the JSS application, using the layout data and the JavaScript framework’s server-side rendering (SSR) capability to generate HTML, and sends this HTML back to the client.

The Rendering Host is typically a Node.js server that can run the JavaScript application on the server, but it could potentially be any server technology that is capable of running JavaScript. The Rendering Host communicates with Sitecore via the Layout Service API to get the data it needs to render a page.

The main advantages of having a Rendering Host are:

1.Improved Performance:  

Because the HTML is generated on the server, the client receives a fully-rendered page and can start displaying it immediately, while the JavaScript application is still loading. This can significantly improve the perceived performance of the site.

2.SEO Benefits:  

Search engines can crawl the fully-rendered HTML, which can improve search rankings.


Users with JavaScript disabled will still see the fully-rendered page.

4.Personalization and Analytics:  

Sitecore’s server-side analytics and personalization features can be used with a JSS application.

Remember, setting up a Rendering Host for a Sitecore JSS application can be complex and requires a good understanding of server-side rendering and your chosen JavaScript framework. It is recommended to refer to the official Sitecore JSS documentation and follow the guidelines and best practices outlined there.

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