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[Sitecore NuGet] Unable to load the service index for source


Error: [Sitecore NuGet] Unable to load the service index for source
An error occurred while sending the request.
The remote name could not be resolved: ‘’

If you are getting this error because you are trying to set up the Sitecore MyGet public feed url: sc-packages/api/v3/index.json, which expired now.

Let me inform you that Sitecore has migrated the Sitecore public NuGet feeds from MyGet to NuGet Feeds. Now Sitecore new public NuGet feeds link is

  1. Go to Tools → Options
  2. Navigate to NuGet Package Manager → Package .
  3. In the left tab, Click the plus button in the top right.
  4. At the bottom of the dialog, you should set the name and source of the newly added package source.
    Set Name to whatever you want. Say Sitecore NuGet
    Set Source to
new sitecore nuget-source for visual studio
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